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Clearing know-how0.13 MBrecommendation; clearing limits; yarn body; optimum; productivity; button; automatic
Yarn quality tailored to perfection with USTER® QUANTUM 30.53 MBclasses; tailored classes feature; weaving; settings; optimization; case study; Smart Limits; Yarn Body; China; 100% cotton; thick places; requirement; cuts
Slub yarn clearing limit changed0.41 MBoptical clearer; clearing limits; slub yarn; case study; China; Yarn Body; Smart Limits; tailored classes; classes; classification matrix; settings; efficiency of clearing limits; correct settings; slub dimensions
With USTER® QUANTUM 3 yarn package free of outliers0.25 MBoutlier; bobbin; detection; limit; setting; neps; thick; thin; imperfection; report; package; classify; eliminate; exception; tester; profile; classes; block; suck; function
Keep evenness under control by eliminating outliers0.24 MBCV; control; outliers; evenness; barré; effect; mix; defective; measurement; reference; length; bobbin
With USTER® QUANTUM 3 also hairiness under control0.15 MBhairiness; index; control; variation; monitoring; limit; compact
Take control of the winding room: real-time remote connection with USTER® QUANTUM EXPERT 30.49 MBconnect; connection; winder; winding; machine; control unit; CCU; real time; quantum expert; mill; monitoring; remote; data
Consistent control of yarn clearer settings with USTER® QUANTUM EXPERT 30.36 MBfull; synchronization; mode; article synchronization; setting; control; automatic; quantum expert; process; optimization; article; change; changing; library
Count variation detection0.36 MBcontinous; count; deviation; limit; variation; detect; bobbin; mix-up; short-term; machine; mass; CC; smart limits; doff
Count deviation detection0.33 MBC-setting; count; deviation; splice; variation; bobbin; roving; machine; variation; limit; setting
Perfect splice quality0.45 MBoptimization; splice; setting; NSL; splice quality; thin; thick; optimization; Turkey; clearing; limit; outlier
Splices0.19 MBsplice; setting; control; clearing; limit; thin; thick
PP clearing - color does not matter0.31 MBoptical; foreign; fiber; fibre; measuring; method; colored; PP; polypropylene; capacitive; rate; cut; removal; efficiency; defect; smart limit
Vegetable clearing to save costs and improve quality0.14 MBvegatable; veg; matter; clearing; quality; detection; productivity; dark; colored; foreign; fiber; fibre; light; bleach; cut; waste; classification; settings; disturbing
The innovative and powerful contamination removal tool0.05 MBforeign; matter; sensor; technology; multiple light sources; detection; distinction: fibers; veg; vegetable; material; PP; polypropylene; contamination; removal; clearing; cuts; bleach; disturbing; curve
Understand the principles of setting the clearing limits of the UQ* in minutes0.12 MBsetting; yarn body; clearing limits; legend; 100km; cut; rate; optimize; optimization
Yarn body0.13 MByarn body; outliers; class clearing; channel clearing; unjustified cuts; CAY; clearing limits; productivity; insights
Latest technology ready for future progress2.88 MBintroduction; basics; capacitive; optical; foreign matter; sensor; yarn body; polypropylene; detection; expert system; synchronization
Yarn quailty tailored to perfection0.53 MBoptical clearer; clearing limits; slub yarn; case study; China; Yarn Body; Smart Limits; tailored classes; classes; classification matrix; settings; efficiency of clearing limits; correct settings; slub dimensions;
Improving weaving efficiency and fabric quality0.18 MBfabric quality; weaving efficiency; case study; application; India; vertical spinning mill; trial; superfine yarn; improvement; polypropylene; detection; warp breaks; thick places; thin places; FD; PP; Smart Limit; Yarn Body; bleached fabric;
Efficiency indicators in winding with USTER® QUANTUM EXPERT 30.38 MBUSTER Quantum Expert; winding efficiency; process; effectiveness; optimum winding efficiency; machine stops; failures; maintenance; cuts; winding speed; alarms; lot changes; analysis; AEF%; EFFL%; report; efficiency level; speed;
Taking control of super-fine yarn counts0.41 MBtrial; China; super-fine cotton; yarn count; performance; cotton; consistent quality; export; optimization; productivity; USTER Classimat; cuts; outliers; prevention; quality control;
Why systematic quality management is a top priority0.21 MBsystematic; quality management; short fiber; immature fiber; AFIS; USTER Afis; USTER Tester; case study; thick places; Yarn Body; neps; waste; carding; sliver; combing; early-warning system;
Best practices in ring spinning maintenance0.40 MBYarn Body; LED functions; maintenance; quality assurance; quality management; case study; application; Vietnam; cut level; ring spinning; thin places; thick places; front roller; doff; bobbin; monitoring;
Total quality assurance with USTER® QUANTUM 3 and USTER® TESTER 60.35 MBconnectivity; USTER Tester 6; systematic; quality management; quality assurance; Total Testing Center; real-time information; analysis; Assistant Q; alarm; maintenance log; carding; parameters; USTER Quantum Expert; neps; lab test;
Unique solutions for core yarn production0.45 MBcore yarn; elastane; core; off-center; claims; barré effect; missing core; foreign matter; MC; OC; length;
Detection of color and shade variations0.46 MBshade variation; fault category; definition; settings; SVD; SVL; color mix-ups; SV; CSV; color variation; mixed-up colors; foreign matter; monitoring; smart limits; Smart Limits function;
Tracing the root cause of defects0.26 MBcase study; China; USTER Quantum Expert; production optimization; cause of defect; analysis; S-defects; irregularities; LED display function; ring spinning; mass variations; apron spacer; report;
Eliminating core yarn defects – missing and off-center cores0.51 MBcase study; application; Vietnam; core; core yarn defects; off-center; missing core; Core Yarn Clearing; alarm; dyed; dyeing;
Detection of light-colored defects0.51 MBdetection; color deviation; FD; FL; color; defects; light-colored; foreign fiber; contamination; mélange yarn; knitwear; variation; dense area; automatic setting; Smart Limit function; smart limits; cut prediction;
Prediction how a yarn will perform in weaving: key role of yarn clearers0.13 MBweaving performance; prediction of yarn performance at weaving; yarn performance at weaving; yarn prognosis; Assistant Q; USTER Tester; systematic quality management; case study; India; beaming performance; Total Testing Center; USTER Tensojet; USTER Quantum Expert; cotton yarn; Q weaving performance grade;
Total ‘quality insurance’ with foreign fiber and PP detection0.50 MBFD; PP; FD detection; PP detection; India; contamination control; Polypropylene; USTER Jossi Vision Shield; foreign fiber detection; vegetable matter clearing function; bleaching; winding efficiency; transparent contamination; retrofit;
Mill trial proves it: the route to perfect stretch denim0.67 MBcore yarn; core yarn clearing; case study; Turkey; core yarn feature; stretch denim; off-center; slub yarn; elastane; single spun core yarn; twist spun core yarn; Smart Limits; blocked bobbins; eradicating defective core yarn;
Melange yarns – when the slightest shade variation matters1.01 MBshade variations; mélange yarns; SV; fabric claims; mixed-up color shades; slightest shade variation; colored yarns; stand-alone winders; barré effect; trial; Turkey; Continuous Shade Variation (CSV) channel;
Measuring the yarn parameters influencing fabric appearance0.47 MBSystematic quality management; eveness; hairiness; case study; IP; imperfections; imperfection alarm; block mode; suction mode; fabric appearence; outlier detection; outlier classification; outlier elimination; NSL; thin places; count variations; foreign fibers; polypropylene; Yarn Body; seldom-occuring defects; fiber; USTER Tester; barré effect; CVm; Smart Limits;
Clearer settings: the easy way0.57 MBSplices; optimization; productivity; China; low efficiency at winding; defective component; case study; Yarn Body; splice fault; anti-kink device;
Low winding efficiency: USTER® QUANTUM 3 pinpoints defektive component0.58 MBSplices; optimization; productivity; China; low efficiency at winding; defective component; case study; Yarn Body; splice fault; anti-kink device;
Vegetable filter is now even smarter0.73 MBVegetabile filter; bleached fabrics; contamination; clearer settings; case study; application; China; winding efficiency; foreign fiber; USTER Jossi Vision Shield; fiber cleaning; vegetable clearing function; vegetable; FD cuts; cut level; cuts; selectivity potential of the detection methods
Extra software option for polypropylene detection down to 2 mm0.70 MBPP; polypropylene; PP clearing; USTER Jossi Magic Eye; software option; plastics; synthetics; China; ginning; mulch; mulching film; short particles; contamination detection; contamination control; contamination;
Combing defects detected by USTER® QUANTUM EXPERT 30.52 MBoptimization; production; productivity; quality deviations; sources of defects; combing defects; USTER Quantum Expert; tracing quality deviations; case study; China; spinning preparation; maintenance; corrective action;
Smart Limits: a perfect tool to optimize clearer settings0.62 MBClassimat; USTER Classimat 5; eveluation; remaining events; N class; N channel; N cuts; clearing limits; smart limits; Smart Limit function; deviation; classifying; productivity; case study; thick places; Yarn Body; top 9 classes; top 12 classes; top 16 classes; weaving;
Preventing quality claims1.23 MBapplication; in-process quality control; combining data; USTER Tester 6; ring spinning; end-breaks; off-quality; evenness; CV; CV%; frequently-occuring defects; hairiness; barré effect; clearing settings; optimization; USTER Statistics; China; case study; winding efficiency;
Contamination free yarn a reality with USTER® QUANTUM 30.35 MBUSTER Jossi Vision Shield; systematic; quality; management; contamination; control; fiber; cleaning; foreign fiber; vegetable filter; polypropylene; case study; application; China; vertical mill; bleached fabric;
Shade variation feature avoids costly claims0.37 MBCase study; application; shade; shade variation; variation; claims; India; mix-up; rewinding; control; shade variation channel; reference length; alarm;
Origin of yarn clearer cuts0.81 MBProduction; optimization; defects; origin; cuts; fault classes; worst-case; scenarios; quality; deviation; outliers; control;
Twofold advantages of vegetable filter0.56 MBVegetabile filter; bleached fabrics; contamination; clearer settings; case study; application; China; winding efficiency; foreign fiber; USTER Jossi Vision Shield; fiber cleaning; vegetable clearing function; vegetable; FD cuts; cut level; cuts; USTER Quantum Expert; optimization;
Optimizing settings with Smart Limits0.65 MBsmart limit; optimization; optimizing; settings; clearing limits; Smart Limit function; yarn clearing; frequent faults; infrequent defects; seldom-occurring defects; splice; Yarn Body;
Practices for removing outlier bobbins and reducing yarn waste0.39 MBremoving outlier bobbins; outliers; outlier control; blocking bobbins; USTER Tester; quality outliers; outlier management; deviation; quality; quality limits; alarm; block mode; suction mode; case study; India;
Fast payback and lasting profits with USTER® QUANTUM EXPERT 30.27 MBcase study proves that the combination of USTER® QUANTUM 3 clearers and USTER® QUANTUM EXPERT 3 is a valuable investment
Identifying combing problems using the Yarn Body0.69 MBYarn Body; problem identification; spinning; winding; preparatory stages; combing; comber noil; Fed Roll; Top Comb; maintenance;
Online quality control at its best with the new smart limits for key parameters0.33 MBOnline quality control; Smart Limits; key parameters; eliminating bobbins; unevenness; thin places; thick places; neps; hairiness; proposed settings; control; quality;
Optimizing winding speed with USTER® QUANTUM EXPERT 30.12 MBproduction optimization; winding speed; USTER Quantum Expert; Run/Stop diagram; balance of productivity and quality; ROI; return on investment; case study; China; splice; splice quality; fine yarn count; high quality; weaving; savings; USD;
USTER® QUANTUM 3 OPTICAL – The melange yarn challenge0.53 MBoptical clearer; clearing limits; mélange yarn; case study; optimization; China; Smart Clearing; NSLT clearing; Yarn Body; winding performance;
USTER® QUANTUM 3 OPTICAL – Slub yarn clearing limits challenge0.41 MBclearing; mode; slub yarn; slub; effect; fancy yarn; profile; setting; count; variation;
USTER® QUANTUM 3 – Continuous innovations add value for users0.21 MBsoftware; innovation; Smart Limits; article settings; automatic scaling; favorite views; context-based online help functions; CCU; alarm; unevenness; imperfections; hairiness;
Locating origin of L-defects using the Yarn Body0.20 MBelimination; L defects; detection; case study; China; viscose; thick places; long thick; drafting issues; ring frame components; frequently-occuring faults; top cots; aprons;
Exceptional accuracy in PP clearing2.88 MBcase study; Egypt; Spinalex; reference; high contamination; Egyptian cotton; white polypropylene; PP; PP option; detection; accuracy; production efficiency;
Monitoring how raw material changes affect yarn quality0.56 MBcase study; Vietnam; cotton; viscose; China; Yarn Body; quality; raw material; change; end-breaks; fluff; balance of quality and productability;
Extraordinary control of yarn splice quality0.36 MBsplice; quality control; USTER Quantum Expert; winding position analysis; CCU; defective splicing unit; remote; real-time view; cut joint classification; maintenance;
USTER® QUANTUM 3 OPTICAL – Productivity without compromise0.42 MBoptical clearer; clearing limits; productivity; case study; polyester; China; improvement; Smart Clearing; Yarn Body; thick places; thin places; count variations; splices; NSLT clearing limits; optimum clearing settings; cost savings;
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