Constant color, no compromises

With dyed fabrics, the main challenge is color consistency from beginning to end and from side to side of a roll, as well as between rolls of the same lot. USTER® EVS FABRIQ SHADE monitors shade variation in almost any process where color is critical, directly on the system, without the need to cut the fabric. For this, it combines a traversing spectrophotometer with sophisticated information processing. It offers several sorting options and ensures color uniformity by grouping lots according to the 5-5-5 color matching method. This enables fabric producers to deliver a constant shade, preventing claims and satisfying customers.


FAQ fabric shade

This is a collection of the most frequent questions about the USTER® EVS FABRIQ SHADE. Please contact Rathnam V. Rama for India, Urs Minder for South East Asia and Ingo Kiefer for all other countries in case your questions won’t be answered on this page.

What is the value of a report?

Is it possible to measure real color?

For which application is shade monitoring a must?

What is meant by process safety?

How is shade variation measured?